Zap! About Me Zap!

I am an animator and artist living in Austin, Texas. I graduated from The Art Institute of Phoenix in 1998 with a degree in Computer Animation. I have worked in the video game industry for over 13 years and the film animation industry for over two years. With a focus on character animation, I have also worked as a modeler, texture artist, voice actor, writer, designer, and director in the game industry. My experience in film animation includes cg art and animation, digital effects, compositing, animation check, scene planning, layout, and scanning. I also have experience developing content for the web, and as a team leader and project manager. I am currently working at Vigil Games as a Senior Animator. We shipped Darksiders on January 5, 2010, and now we are almost done with Darksiders 2 which will ship end of June, 2012. I was previously employed at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment as Lead Animator on Stargate Worlds, a massively multiplayer PC game. Before that I worked at FatCat Animation Studios as Digital/CG Lead and contributed to a variety of projects including commercials, animated shorts, digital casino games, feature film pre-production, and Universal’s animated film, ‘Curious George.’ I have also done freelance animation and compositing work for games, children’s dvds, and commercials.

Here are some projects that I've worked on:

Darksiders II

Here are some studios that I've worked at:


During this time I've had a lot of fun being a part of all these projects. I've also had the honor of meeting and working with some amazing and incredibly talented people. Many of those people are now my close friends. I look forward to many more years imagining and creating new things, and I look forward to meeting many more awesome people.

I also look forward to the Robot Revolution and the inevitable doom of all humans in the cold grippers of the Metal Men. Wait... No I don't.

May God help us all.